How does it work?

It is easy for everyone!

  • Send and receive payments
  • Without bank account
  • Without PayPal account
  • Without registration
  • Without a telephone connection
  • Without an internet connection
  • Free to download and free to use
  • Works on Apple and Android (5+) smartphones

How does the PesaPesa system work?

Send and receive payments by scanning a secured QR code

Go to your favourite shop, buy your favourite goods and go to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper uses PesaPesa and shows you the secured payment QR code. You scan the secured payment QR code, accept the amount to pay and you show the secured accept QR code to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper scans the secured accept QR code on your phone, and the payment is done!
  • Send and receive credits, even from outside your country
  • You can send payments to any user you want without any restrictions
  • Payments take less than 5 seconds to transfer
  • Sending and receiving money is quick, easy and free
  • We only charge a low transaction amount for topping up and down from a bank or PayPal
  • Payments are secure and we monitor illegal use

The story behind

Find out why we started PesaPesa

Mansoor, the founder of PesaPesa, went with his wife Atia in 2022 to the Gambia. They were voluntering as English teachers at several schools. Mansoor and Atia had the problem to get cash money. Some of the ATM's were broken, some were empty. The two had to drive around to find a working ATM. It was a huge hassle to get cash money. The two started thinking about how to solve this problem. And then one day, sitting at the beach, they got the eureka moment. They figured out how to do it. Let us present here the PesaPesa app!
The PesaPesa app is the app to replace cash money.

Getting started

All you need is your phone with a camera and our App

Four reasons why you will love our app 1. always enough 'cash' money, wherever you go. 2. your money is securely stored on your phone. 3. sending and receiving money to other users even to other countries. And last but not least, the app is free to use! We just charge a very small amount when topping up and down your credits, or sending credits to others

Register your company

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Still have a question?

Find your answer in our Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to top up and down?
We charge 1 euro per transaction
How can I top up or down my PesaPesa app?
Enter the amount you want to top up or down. Let the PesaPesa app make a connection to your bank or PayPal account. The rest is done automatically.
How can I send money to a different user (even in a different country!)?
You need an internet connection. Enter the telephone number of the other user and enter the amount of money you want to transfer. The rest is done automatically. As soon as the receiver has an internet connection, he receives a message that you sent him the money. He can now top up the PesaPesa credits. We charge you 1 euro for sending the money to the other user. The other user is charged 1 euro to top up his credits.
What is the limit for topping up or down?
The amount to top up or down is limited to maximum 500 euros per transaction. This is depending on the currency.
How many currencies do you support?
You can have 5 different currencies in your PesaPesa app. Each with their separate credits. At the moment we support Gambian dalasi and Euros. As soon as we roll-out the PesaPesa app in other countries their currencies will be added to the PesaPesa app.
Do I need to register?
The first time you use the PesaPesa app you need to make a connection to our secured servers to get a secret code. Our qualified employees can help you with this. For using the PesaPesa app for receiving and making payments a registration is not necessary. But for topping up and down your credits you need to register because of the use of the bank or PayPal connection.
I am a shopkeeper and must reguraly top-down my credits. Can I get a discount?
Yes you can! Get a monthly subscription, and you pay 27% less.
Do you have a manual?
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